Grupo Mecánica de Fluidos UNEX | Facilities
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Microfluidics laboratory


Main equipment:

  • Kirana-05M ultra-high-speed video camera (Specialised Imaging), 180 frames at up to 5 million frames per second (Mf.p.s.) with 924 x 768 active pixels
  • SI-OT3 optical trigger (Specialised Imaging)
  • SI-LUX640 laser illumination system (Specialised Imaging)
  • FASTCAM SA5 ultra-high-speed camera (Photron), up to 1 Mf.p.s.
  • FASTCAM MiniUX-50 (Photron), up to 50000 f.p.s.
  • FASTCAM MiniUX-50 (Photron), up to 50000 f.p.s.
  • MV-D1024-160 high-speed camera (Photonfocus) and others cameras (CCD)
  • Xenon nova 300 light source (Storz) and others light sources with optical fiber
  • Bluepoint LED eco UV light source (Honle)
  • C10880-03C image intensifier unit (Hamamatsu Photonics)
  • Optical lenses: zoom objectives with magnification from 1x to 20x, optical tubes, ultra-zooms, and others accessories (Mitutuyo, Optem, Navitar)
  • Compressed air system with a wide range of accessories
  • Electrodynamic shaker (LDS, V101) connected to a power amplifier (LDS, PA25E CE).
  • Electrodynamic shaker (LDS, V406) connected to a power amplifier (LDS, PA100E CE)
  • Piezocomposite actuator (PSt 1000/10/7 VS18, Piezosystemjena) connected to a power amplifier (LE 150/1000 EBW, Piezosystemjena)
  • High voltage power amplifier (Trek, model 5/80) with variable frequency
  • DC high voltage power supply (Bertan, 205B-10R)
  • Picoammeter (Keithley, model 6485)
  • Induction heating system (Power Cube 32/900)
  • Wire feeder (ELMOTEC LVMM1490)
  • Syringe pumps (KDS Scientific, Harvard Apparatus)
  • 5 optical tables with a pneumatic anti-vibration isolation system and a wide range of accessories (Thorlabs)
  • Glass micronozzle fabrication device (made in our laboratory)
  • Other equipment of laboratory: microscopes, arbitrary waveform generator, weighing scales, magnetic stirrer, ultrasonic cleaner, polishing machine, etc.

Aerodynamics laboratory


Main equipment:

  • Wind tunnel designed by the fluid mechanics area in medium-density fibreboard (MDF). It has nine fans which provide a maximum speed of 18 m/s. The measurement equipment:
    • 1 bluff body (Ahmed’s body) at a scale of 130% with respect to the standard one.
    • Two Force/Torque sensors ATI Mini 40 and Mini 45
    • Two pressure sensors Druck LPM5480 and LPM1012
    • 1 anemometer Airflow TA430
    • 1 Pressure calibration device Halstrup Walcher KAL100
    • Pitot tubes
    • Hotwire anemometer MultiCTA – Dantec Dynamics
    • Pressure scanner Scanivalve MPS4264/64NPx-4”H20
    • Humidity/temperature/pressure, measuring instrument. Testo 622
  • An optoelectronic system of fluid dynamic image analysis PIV (TSI). This PIV system is composed of the following equipment:
    • Laser Litron Nd:Yag Nano S PIV
    • A set of lenses (model 610019-SOL) to create a laser sheet
    • A camera-laser synchronizer (610035 de TSI)
    • A 2MP camera (630057 POWERVIEW PLUS) with a F-MOUNT Nikon lenses (50 mm)
    • A power supply for the laser (LPU450 PSU)
    • A remote control to operate the laser system.
    • A software for acquiring and analyzing images (INSIGHT 3G)
  • Computing cluster composed of 4 computers with 4 kernels and 4 computers with 8 kernels. The processors are intel core i7-3770 and the memory installed is up to 16 GB.